Brent Loveless

Bro. Brent has been married to his wife, Heather, for 28 years.  They have two children, Zachary who is 21, and Olivia who is 17.  After graduating Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO, they did a three year internship under Pastor Dave Hardy at Eastland Baptist Church.  They then sent the Loveless' out to the community of Coweta, OK to start a church.  He pastored there for a little over 8 years.  God was gracious enough to allow them to see the church grow to about 60 people.  They were able to purchase five acres of land and build a 5,000 square foot auditorium.  In 2005, under the leadership of God, they left Coweta to move to Phoenix, AZ.  He was to take the pastorate at North Valley Baptist Church.  Since arriving, God has blessed their ministry.  They have seen wonderful growth numerically, financially, and most important spiritually.  Three of their more unique ministries are their internship program, their school ministry, and their Capitol Bible Study.  They feel incredibly blessed to minister alongside the people of North Valley, for they truly love the Lord and love them.